September 1, 2014

With an international airport only seven miles out of the city centre, Glasgow is the perfect place to study if you’re an international student looking to study in the UK. Glasgow is a wonderfully friendly and outgoing city with personality to match.



Glasgow is lucky enough to have five universities with University of Glasgow ranking 30th in the UK, and University of Strathclyde at number 41. The University of Glasgow itself is beautiful, the core building originally being Glasgow Cathedral. Glasgow’s universities also boast an impressive history of scholars having fostered a roster of Nobel laureates and even a Prime Minister! With such a rich academic history, the city has a large student population with the amenities to match.



For anyone that knows about football, they will appreciate how intense and passionate the Rangers and Celtic rivalry is, and you really haven’t seen a derby until you’ve experienced this one. If football isn’t your thing, then Glasgow still offers rugby, indoor skiing and even sailing with Strathclyde Loch, Loch Lomond and the Troussachs National Park only a short distance away.



Another of Glasgow’s big draws is its nightlife. This city offers over 700 pubs and clubs all situated close together, meaning not too much walking (or staggering) required! When it comes to music, there is everything from house to electro to pop, hip-hop, rock and grunge on offer. Additionally there’s lots of live music to suit everyone’s taste. It would be a tough task to find a student city with the same variety of clubs that are still jam-packed every night.



Despite what some people may think, Glasgow offers some of the best culture in the UK. If you have a more refined taste you’ll be happy to know that the city is home to the Scottish Ballet, the Scottish Opera and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. There’s also an impressive number of museums and art galleries – 35 to be exact – including The Glasgow Science Centre which features a science mall and an imax cinema.



Glasgow shopping offers everything from high street options to chic independent boutiques, and caters for every budget with classy designer shops and fashion-savvy street markets. The city centre offers the ‘style mile’, which may sound cheesy, but is in fact an impressive two-street stretch of every designer shop you could think of.


As arguably one of the best cities in the UK, it would be safe to say that Glasgow has everything a student could ask for; and whether you’re a culture vulture or a party animal, the city has plenty to offer for anyone considering moving from overseas.

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