January 21, 2015


Lincoln is believed to originate from the Iron Age Celtic Lindon, meaning “pool by the hill.” Referencing the Brayford Pool and the modern city sitting on “Steep Hill”, its ever-changing landscapes, breath-taking scenery, intriguing heritage and passionate people make it a remarkable place to be a part of. With everything right on your door stop Lincoln signifies how all great things come in small packages.


A home from home

At the University of Lincoln, students come first. Within the UK, University of Lincoln is ranked one of the best for student satisfaction thanks to the Student Union hitting first place in 2014. Offering world-class degree programmes it is no wonder that nine out of ten graduates further study after finishing their course. With state of the art facilities, the modern buildings compliment the range of departments at the university, proving the limitless opportunities that are encouraged. Taking a passion for innovative teaching marks their expert employment prospects.

The “Student Village” provides impeccable accommodation that is a less than five minute walk from the university itself. This is the perfect set up to get stuck into uni life. The mix of independent living, available support and the uniqueness of the city really maps out what student life is all about. Hundreds of societies and clubs are waiting to be joined, giving students the perfect chance to socialise and try something new.

With its own bar, restaurant, nightclub, theatre, gym, and outstanding library… What more could you really ask for?


The Treasured Town

The great thing about Lincoln is that everything you need is within walking distance. The popular restaurants situated on the Brayford waterfront including Prezi, Chimichangas and the always busy Nandos is only the starting point to the excellent wining and dining facilities in the city. The popular shops and cafes are situated on the high street; the further up you walk you will reach the “old town” with traditional boutiques that sit modestly up Steep Hill. The cathedral and castle are at the top showcasing the beautiful traditions. With annual festivals coming to town such as the sausage festival and Christmas market, there is always something waiting to be explored.

Even though the city is small, the night life in Lincoln is as chaotic and buzzing as ever. The clubs are dedicated to providing the perfect student night out and get a real buzz going round the city. With a perfect collaboration of bars and nightclubs there is always an appropriate cocktail bar or two to suit the occasion. From Donkey Sanctuaries to RAF museums, Lincoln has so many interesting corners to investigate. With so much to offer, rain or shine, there is never a dull day.


Sporty Outdoors

Lincolnshire is a very active town. With hundreds of people wanting to keep fit showing a real passion; sports in Lincolnshire are annually rewarded to keep up motivation and include any resident to get involved. Coaching and volunteering alongside many different sports clubs including professional football and rugby show the dedication put in to keep Lincolnshire active. With corporate funding, sport is a necessity throughout primary and high schools in the city. “Jog Lincolnshire” is just one example of the organised memberships that get everyone together to keep fit and have fun. So if you are the type of person who loves exercising or even just being outdoors, Lincolnshire won’t disappoint.

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